Probable blighted ovum, need to hear people's experiences please


I had a scan done at 7 wks and all they could see was the gestational sac. They said either you are much earlier on than you thought or it may not be a viable pregnancy. Either is very possible as my cycle is irregular due to breastfeeding and my husband's sperm was very low quality at the time of conception (he was in very poor health and actually passed away before I even found out I was pregnant, we were not trying to conceive). It has been a week since that scan and this morning I started cramping and spotting. It really didn't come as a shock, I've had the feeling that this baby was not going to survive and have kind of been expecting it. I'm just wondering if anyone else that has miscarried after a blighted ovum can tell me what to expect? Is it going to be painful, how long does it last? I'm scheduled to go in for another scan in 2 days, but do I need to go in sooner? Feeling really scared to go through this alone, now that my husband is gone and I am taking care of our 13 month old son on my own. If you are comfortable doing so, please share what your experience was like