Which house should we buy? 🏡

We put down an offer and it was accepted on Townhouse #1. We initially thought it was perfect, it’s been totally updated inside except the kitchen. We did the inspection and turns out the roof and deck will need to be replaced, and the kitchen needs to be renovated/moved around to add cabinets.

We saw Townhouse #2 today and it has a brand new deck, patio, kitchen, and has been updated as well. It has a garage that takes up some inner space but we’re ok with that. We like the area better and it has really good public schools. It’s beautiful but only has one full bath upstairs (double sinks) and 3 beds upstairs. We have no children so that works for us, and if we did have one child in the next few years it could work as we plan to buy a single-family down the road.

What do you think? We’re scared of losing both if we don’t play our cards right but the renovation/repairs needed for House #1 is really concerning us.