First pregnancy-scared

I’m 8 weeks+6 and my first ultra sound is 02/06. I’m very excited and also very nervous they won’t find anything. My husband is coming with me. For the past few weeks I’ve been in a funk. I bought a house in September, got married in October, than lost my house in November to a fire. Then found out I was pregnant in January. On top of working full time and going to university. So a lot going on. Lately I feel just down and sad a lot. Like I am not going to be able to handle everything that’s going on and this pregnancy. I have really bad anxiety and always think the worse scenario of everything, which doesn’t help with everything going on. The last couple days I’ve fixated on how scared I am to give birth, even with an epidural. I am so scared of having complications or for some reason thinking the worst like I’ll die from it. I’m also so emotional and sensitive and feel like I can’t express that I’m feeling scared because everyone will just think I’m dumb. I just want to cry everyday. Just needed to vent. I’m trying to think positively, it’s just been hard.