Who (excluding the obvious birth team) do you plan to have in the room during your birth?

Regan Elizabeth • FTM 😍 cloth diaper mama 💋 hippie ✌️ little girl coming this summer 👣💘👙

For others: if you feel comfortable sharing please do leave comments about your ideal birth audience and why you can to this decision. Or if you have given birth before and choose an audience that you wish you wouldn't have or vice versa.

I'm am currently struggling with this decision myself. My mother (who is my biggest fan and hero) has demanded to be in the room. And it bothered me a little. Maybe that she didn't ask? I'm not sure. But nothing is more important that for me to have a calm and collected (hopefully quiet) peaceful birth with my partner at my side. Not that I'm oblivious to the fact of that I'm pushing a watermelon out down there but I just want this to be a sacred experience🙏

Thanks for taking the time to vote! Remember you are beautiful 💞

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