October 20th 2018

Amanda • Married 💏 mother to three 👦🏼👧🏼👶🏼

My birth story after almost 4 months! This was my third pregnancy so I felt pretty prepared for what would happen. I spent all day on Friday October 19th (the day before my due date) having contractions at home and as I drove my children back and forth to school. I could time them but they were nothing too painful or serious though. And they never got too close and consistent to warnt a phone call to the doctor or to go in. However I knew from my last pregnancy they don’t always need to be consistent for there to be progress being made.. so I was just focusing on when they got too painful. My mom and dad decided to take my older two for the night since we figured I’d be heading into the hospital either in the middle of the night or the next day and it was the weekend anyway. I spent the night at home with my husband and my best friend. Timing contractions and eating Mexican food. Around 11pm my friend went home and my husband and I decided to try to get some sleep. I could dose off here and there but kept waking up to the contractions. I felt like I had to go poop so I tried and lost quite a bit of my mucus plug. Still I tried to get some rest. Around 2:00am I woke my husband up and called my mother to tell her I thought it was time I should go in to be checked out. We packed up and met my mom at the hospital by 2:30. The contractions were painful but I could still walk through them, so I walked all the way through the hospital to the birthing center. When I got to the room they asked all their questions and did a cervix check where they told me I was only 2 cm Dilated!! I was like there’s no way! Because that’s what I was at the doctors a few days prior.. she assured me that’s all I was and that I’d probably be sent home after being monitored for a half hour. She said I was having contractions but nothing off the charts.. well guys the pain got so intense and the contractions started coming back to back with no breaks. I was begging for an epidural since she said I was only 2 cm there was no way I could handle the pain for what I assumed would be many more hours. But they treated me like a joke and she insisted I’d probably still be sent home. I told them I had to go pee so they let me get up and go to the bathroom while I was sitting on the toilet I seriously felt like I could push the baby out so i yelled for my mom to come get me off the toilet and help me back to the bed. Now when I’m in real pain I tend to go silent. I can’t speak or make a sound.. so my mom said somethings not right she hasn’t gotten a break from the contractions. I asked again for an epidural and one nurse offered me a shower on the birthing ball. I reluctantly agreed hoping it’d help some with the pain. The decided to check me once more before getting me in the shower. Suddenly the room went silent as the nurse ran out and the started bringing everything in, I asked for an epidural again and she said “oh honey, there’s no time for that. You’re about to have a baby! You’ll be lucky if the doctor gets here!”. Next thing I know my body was pushing on its own. I was in so much pain I didn’t tell anyone. The doctor walked in and said okay your baby is almost here, give me one big push. And at 4:14am on October 20th ( his due date and my 28th birthday!) Jaxon Alexander was born weighing 8lbs!

I was at the hospital for less than 2 hours and they had me thinking I was going to be sent home!!! It was definitely my craziest birthing experience.

Best birthday present ever! ❤️

Here he is now at 15 weeks!