Just needing to vent about my mom


Got my BFP 2 weeks ago after a miscarriage around 8 weeks in September. That time my husband and I were waiting to tell our families until after our first U/S and when there was no heartbeat I was of course devastated but it felt even worse telling my mom when she had no idea I was even pregnant.

This time I decided I would tell my parents sooner, partly because I wanted them to share in the excitement (my dad is about to start radiation for prostate cancer so I want to give him something to stay healthy for) but mostly because I’m worried that the same thing will happen and I don’t want the same shock that happened last time. My mom was doing a big lunch with lots of family over this past Sunday so I got there early to share my news and that I’m only 4 weeks and a few days and of course she was thrilled.

So thrilled in fact that when people started arriving she could not keep her big mouth shut and told everyone! I ended up being so upset that everyone had found out I started crying so of course then my mom started crying. She apologized so many times and I know she only did it because she’s so excited but I’m annoyed.

I love my mother, she is a saint and would give a stranger the shirt off her back but I am still so upset, not necessarily at her but just that it happened and I didn’t get to be the one to share it in my own time. There were a lot of people there that would have only gotten the Facebook announcement if you know what I mean and now they’re among the first to know 🙄