Friends with benefits?


I just transferred to a college in another state and went on tinder looking for friends or a relationship and hit it off with a guy. We hung out a few times and I felt extremely comfortable around him. That rarely happens for me since i have bad social anxiety. The third time we hung out we made out. He later told me he wasn’t stable enough to be someone bf. Before telling me, hed agreed to get drunk with me cuz ive never been drunk. Then he bailed sayinf he didnt wanna corrupt me or take advantage of me. I took a shot of vodka and told him half the reason i wanted to was to take advantage of him. He said he didnt want me to have any regrets cuz he didnt want us to start off that way. I said i wouldnt and we got buzzed and hooked up twice then he stayed over despite the fact that we live in the same apt complex. We had sex again in the morning.

Since then weve been talking via snap and we hooked up tonight, then he did his hw at my place before going home. I honestly just dont know what to think cuz he acts like a bf when were in a bedroom, and we talk outside of the bedroom. I’ve never done casual sex or fwb before so idk if this is normal? I love spending time with him and would love a relationship if he were up for it. I just have no idea what he might be thinking. The whole sleeping over thing and then doing his homework in my bed thing has me a bit confused as to what he wants. He also kisses me goodbye tenderly when he leaves. And he left the condoms at my place so i know its gonna happen again. Anyone know what he might be thinking? Or how I should approach the whole fwb thing?