dear ex

why couldn't i be the girl you fell in love with? why couldn't i be the girl I saw you at the movies with? what's wrong with me? you made me insecure and broken hearted .. i just wanted you to love me and be loyal but you couldn't do that. i hope the girl you're with now breaks your heart ,you dumb bitch. you left me depressed .. i cry every night thinking of why im not good enough for you ! when people tell me about you I have to keep a straight face because of my image but when I get home I cry myself to sleep at night. i just want you to want me as much as I want you. clearly it's never going to happen .. i just wanted you to see that i wanted the best for you and I was that. so maybe I should say fuck you .. but my heart can't do that. we've been on and off but I feel like your really gone this time. i never told you this in the 7 months that we were together i never realized that I was attached to you as much as I am right now.. and as much shit as im talking if you text me ill be quick to text back bc i think i love you. but how can I love you if i don't even love me? idek im just a confused teenager