Pissed off at the ER dr...am I wrong?


Okay ranting.....went to the ER again because I have started throwing up blood and I have been having a sharp stabbing pain in my right side. Got there and I'm in the waiting room crying because I cant even walk without wanting to ball up. I get taken to the back and they put me on fluids. Dr comes in says I look miserable and that they are taking blood. Found out I have a UTI and I have torn stomach lining. He never checked on the baby and when i asked if the meds they were putting in my iv were okay to take pregnant he said yeah sure and WALKED OUT!!! When he came back in my room I asked to have the baby checked because I am high risk and had a miscarriage two months before finding out I was pregnant again. He said that "you cant detect a heartbeat at just 10 weeks". I glared at him and told him that I had my first ultrasound at 6 weeks and they detected a heartbeat at 8 weeks. He shrugged and walked out the door. The nurse came in and gave me my discharge papers..and guess what the prescription he gave me was?! The one I cant take with pregnancy!!! I'm so pissed that they gave me something that could hurt my child or even cause me to miscarry. And he didnt even care!!! So here I am still in pain because I wont take that antibiotic. If anything happens to my child.....that dr is going to be the one who feels that pain. 😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬