Hi ladies...need some help!

My LO is now 17weeks (was 8 weeks early) putting on weight fine and holding down feeds reasonably well however the wind is a nightmare 🙈 I’ve never known a windier baby! She gets rid of plenty during feeds but somehow holds onto some that she can’t get rid of!

She has a large herniated bellybutton which you can just hear the wind swishing about in! We thought that May have been the problem but got it looked at and the specialist said it’s not causing her any discomfort, which may not agree on!

We thought she would have grew out of it at this stage but it seems to be getting worse?!🙈🤔

She’s not allergic to the formula and we have tried colic drops, infacol, gripe water, homemade gripe water with root ginger,fennel seeds and chamomile tea bag which seems to get some wind up but still hasn’t been the answer! We’ve massaged her tummy and kicked her legs like a bicycle but doesn’t help!

It wakes her up anytime she tries to sleep! It takes me a good 30mins to an hour to feed and wind her! We just don’t know what else to do...anybody any other suggestions????