Perfect Pregnancy Panties


I finally found the answer to my underwear dilemma. I have tried at least 5 different brands before this. I carry my weight as a spare tire around my waist. Underbump panties roll down my hips and any kind of band on my belly would irritate both me and my baby who would kick it.

I’m 5’6” and 246 (232 pre-pregnancy).

I bought Hofish seamless overbump panties the other day and I didn’t even need the largest size! They are tall enough to pull right up to my bra band! They have support knit right in! They don’t rub my previous csection scar! They cover my butt cheeks!

I am so excited and just want to tell everyone all about it. My husband makes fun of me for being so excited about underwear but I was so disappointed at having to go commando for months. Yay, I’m doing a happy dance in my huge comfy panties!