Late (CD23+) surge? Is testing 2x/day worth it?

Annie • Artist. Wife. Finally🤰🏽 with #1 @ 38.

Greetings, Goddesses. Well, tomorrow (2/15/19) is CD23 for me. Everyone’s different, but I definitely expected my OPK to show me some dark lines by now. I started testing on CD7, got some dark lines (but still negative) on CD10 & CD11. This is only my first month really getting into all of this, and I know it’s not magic, but I honestly expected some hardcore “you’re ovulating” evidence by now. (*sigh* Pray for me, y’all - I need patience.)

Do any of you ladies have a late surge like I might? Also, I only test once a day (AM). The more I scroll around on here the more I’m seeing advice to test 2x/day. Maybe CD10/11 could’ve been a surge for me later in the day? 🤔 What are your thoughts on testing twice daily?