Implantation or Menstrual?

Hello fellow mommies and mommy to be’s, I need help. So my wife and I have been tracking my period since December of 2017. I’m not going to lie, i haven’t been a stickler for tracking every single thing every single day but i do track every period and since then, the app has been pretty spot on about predicting my next period. We’ve been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months now, on and off but it’s really hard because i have irregular periods. sometimes my cycle is 29 days sometimes it’s 36 sometimes it’s 32 so ovulation is obviously a pain in the ass to try and keep up with. However, long story short, my last period was January 16, 2019 and my period always last for 6 days. According to my app, my fertile window was January 31-February 6 and I was supposed to ovulate on February 5th. If i have any same sex couples in here, when doing at home insemination, it’s recommended to inseminate at least 3 times; once before ovulation day, the day of ovulation, and the day after to increase your chances of pregnancy. Anyway, we did it and now we’re in the two week wait stage. i’m not supposed to get my period until the 19th (if i’m not pregnant, of course) BUT I started bleeding yesterday (February 13th) which is a week before my period is supposed to be due. When i get a period though, my period is really heavy and i get SEVERE cramps the day before. I’ve been mildly cramping for the past week and this bleeding isn’t heavy and if i sneeze, cough, laugh, no blood squirts out like it would on my normal period. but when i put a pad on, there’s blood. I said all this to say, is there a chance this is implantation bleeding and i’m just bleeding a little more than i should be? my wife said I might have ruptured a vessel during implantation. Has anyone had a similar experience. My wife and I really want a baby and we’re keeping our fingers crossed this month. Someone help us out.