So disappointed

Sarai • 💕 2-21-19

I’m a FTM, this is my rainbow baby after 3 losses. I had this idea in my mind that I’d be able to have a normal uneventful vaginal birth, I know what a dream right?! I beat cancer in my childhood, I’ve always had a high tolerance for pain. I figure I can beat cancer I can literally do anything! Which is still true.

However, my baby girl is breech & it seems her foot might be dangling somewhere down by my cervix. Which I think is called a footling breech, even tho docs didn’t say that’s what’s going on.

So after a 2 fails attempts to turn her with the ECV procedure I’m waiting for my cesarean date. & I cannot shake off the feeling of utter disappointment.

I’m aware it’s not the end of the world. But I really really really wanted my body to do its thing with minimal medical intervention. I’m preparing myself, reading & trying to stay positive. But it’s reaaaaaally hard.😔