long vent


today is the worst day i’ve had in a while and i just need to talk about it.

i’m 38 weeks pregnant and i found out (after been told two separate times) that my deductible has not been met and i will have out of pocket expenses for the birth, which i wasn’t planning on. i’m not working so it’s another bill my bc will have to help me with and he’s already financially supporting me right now anyways. then i find out my mom has a mass in her breast and is getting 1/4 of her left breast removed next thursday.

and finally my moms cat peed all over my dads humidor, it was one of the very last things i had of him, he does nearly 7 years ago.. it’s a $2000 humidor and it’s completely ruined and it just sent me over the edge.

i’m freaking out financially and i just feel stuck and not ready to be a mom. i have so much left to do and i can’t get myself out

if bed to do it and i feel like a failure and a wimp and she’s not even here yet...