Baby Seras Entrance 2/9/19

Nikkiey • Love yourself😘😘

I loved these so I finally have time to do mine.

I was scheduled for my 4th csection on 2/19/19 because of my history for preterm labor Dr. was going to take her out at 37 weeks. unfortunately I didnt make it that far.

I started having my contractions about 33 weeks which is normal for me. I have an intolerant uterus. I was placed on bed rest at 34 weeks to help make sure I didnt send myself into active labor.

As the days clocked down I got more antsy about cleaning and nesting. I woke up fully revved to clean and in my haste and clumsiness I tripped over the corner frame of my bed. My room is small so the tv stand was right where my head would have hit so I went to protect my face and flipped down onto my stomach 😪...

The pain was so unbearable and I panicked to call my BF who was at his place. He told me to call L&D and he raced over to me. They wanted me to com in ASAP. I didnt have bleeding or anything but 10 min later I felt the WORST cramps of my life.

My Bf rushed me to my hospital which is small they sent me by ambulance to the NICU hospital 20 min away. The Dr. On call checked me and sead I was in labor but because of my past csections we needed to get my in NOW. I was scared, in pain and worried. But because of all the wonderful staff being on top of everything my beautiful daughter made it into the world safely!