Advice? Stress related alopecia 😭


I’m just looking for some help, I’ve been soooo stressed out. I suffer with my mental health, depression & anxiety & im autistic. Since October, one of my mums friend died who I was pretty close too. Another one of my mums VERY close friends the end of October which broke my heart. Then the end of January my cousin committed suicide. This month I miscarried with my first pregnancy & today I found out my grandad has died 💔 I noticed a few days ago that my hair has got really thin in a few patches and I checked today and they are literally bald💔 I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any kind of treatment or shampoos/conditioners I can use while I get an appointment with my doctor, I only ever see one doctor and he’s on holiday for a week 😩

When am I going to get a break 😭