Need advice on a girls trip!


Okay ladies I need some advice. I have a close Group of girlfriends that I’ve had since college and every year we go on girls trips together. We really like to drink together and our girls trips usually revolve around wine or drinking. They are not ready to be moms yet and have a very different view of babies than I do. They just asked if I wanted to go on a girls trip at the end of March to visit some of our friends in Denver. (they don’t know I’m pregnant yet) Part of me really wants to say yes because I love this group of girls and I really enjoy spending time with them and want to continue to be friends with them. But the other part of me is thinking that I don’t know if I should go. I will only be about 11 weeks along at that point and I know I will still be tired and who knows if I’ll be having morning sickness yet. I know I would be able to hang out with them regardless if they’re drinking or not but my concern is I won’t be able to stay out late with them and they will probably find me pretty boring. What do I do? Sorry for the long post! I just wanted to get advice from women who know where I’m coming from right now.