Second+ time Mommas

Arielle • Mom to an angel, Quinn Jordan 💗 (11.29.14) and Bennett Ace 💙 (8.2.19)

What are you thoughts on a “sprinkle?” Did and/or are you having one? Are there certain circumstances that make it more “acceptable?”

I brought it up to my mom today, not asking her to throw me one, just a general what do you think kinda conversation. And she basically laughed and said they’re ridiculous. I kinda look at it as, IF someone is willing to throw me one, I would be honored and love it! Especially if this baby is a boy as there will be a lot more we need if it is! If it’s another girl, there truly isn’t much we’d need so I wouldn’t care either way. However, my daughter will also be almost 5, so I don’t know if that makes it more “acceptable” considering it’s been so long? I don’t know!...I don’t know what to think! But what I do know, is that I’m not going to ask anyone to throw one, it’s gotta be their idea and it doesn’t sound like I can count on my mom! lol