My partner thinks they're asexual

We have been together for a few years and we are getting married in 8 months. They said they've been thinking about this for a long time and we discussed perhaps they talk to someone so the realization doesn't feel so abstract.

If they truly are asexual, and during this process where they sort it all out, I am completely understanding and supportive. But it's a serious adjustment. I have a very high sex drive and, if we do have sex, my partner is much more vanilla than I am.

They brought up the idea of me getting my sexual needs met elsewhere, but neither of us are fully comfortable with the idea.

Has anyone else gone through this transition? No part of me wants to walk away because of this. Any tips, suggestions, or past experiences would be great. I love them very much and figuring this out is really hard on them. I want to make sure I help and support them in the right way.