I love him but...


He can annoy the shit out of me! This last weekend was so busy. I had multiple customers in town, two sets of family staying with us and a family wedding. Yesterday morning I threw all of the sheets into the washing machine so that I would have a head start on cleaning the house back up today. I specifically asked him to toss them into dryer and to check them for twists after the dry cycle. Then run them again if they were still damp anywhere. That way I could make up the guest room last night after work and fold the rest.

Welp, guess who is rewashing the same effing sheets this morning?! Yup! Me. I just wish a simple small request could have been handled. I love him and I hate being fruatrated over small things but I also hate doing double the work!

I'm leaving him a honey do list for the afternoon since I couldn't swing my usual chores before work. (He is presentpy golfing.) He can enjoy my share for a change!