Teen Mom’s Birth Story

Michaela • Future Nurse 💉 Single boy mommy to Braxton 💙

At 15, I got pregnant with a baby boy. I gave birth to him at 16 on November 18, 2018. I woke up around 6 in the morning to wake my boyfriend up for work and as I was getting up, blood gushed from my vagina ALL over his dads floor and I went to the bathroom and lost my mucus plug in his toilet. So I tried waking my boyfriend up, but he was just telling me to go back to sleep (he was still half asleep so he wasn’t processing that I was going into labor.) I was in the bathroom crying thinking I was going to give labor in my boyfriends dads bathroom and that my baby wasn’t going to be okay. So I decided to text him uncle that lives next door. Luckily he was outside at the time about to go to work! He texted me “let’s go” so I got my pants on and he drive me to Lutheran Hospital. He let my boyfriends dad know and he was able to get Devon up. My boyfriend arrived shortly after. They gave me pitocin and an epidural, and they broke my water at the hospital. Before my epidural, the contractions were the worst pain ever, I would not have been able to handle giving birth without the epidural. After I got it I felt amazing and was so excited to meet my baby. When I was almost at a 10 they let me push because I told the nurse it feels like I need to push. 4 pushes later and the help from my boyfriend, mom, and boyfriends mom my baby boy was born.

Here he is 3 months later!