Planned Parenthood Vs. home test and symptoms

For the last four days I’ve been having mild cramping, spotting dark brown as well as headaches ,dizziness, nausea,hard time sleeping at night but constantly tired in the day, and sensitive to certain smell and how things look. This all started 6 days after my ovulation day around 7pm on Sunday and is still going, but much much less all the way through today (Wednesday at noon.) I took two test at home (first response 6 day sooner) that had vfl in them, but still visible and didn’t need to Squint or look hard for it. I went to planned parenthood and the doctor told me that implantation bleeding doesn’t occur yet and that my spotting probably means nothing as well as that my symptoms are probably all in my head. I told her about the test at home and she said it sounds as if they are just false positives. She did a test there, but it was later in the afternoon and it came out negative. I don’t know what to do about this I’m so confused. I need help since this is my first time having a possible baby!!! Is she right is it too early? Do you think it’s in my head? Could two test really be that wrong? I need some help and advice. Period should be estimated to arrive on the 23rd or 24th. Should I keep testing? Do you think I’m

Pregnant? Help me please mamas and mamas to be!! 💕🤰🏽🙏🏽