Am I being cheated on?

Hey, so I’ve been dating this guy for about 2 months now and my ex and my relative keep saying he’s cheating on me, they’re friends. My ex was toxic to me, he would regularly tear me down and cheat then come back the next day apologizing. He is in his apology phase with me and keeps saying he misses me and trying to win me back knowing I date someone. I tell my boyfriend whenever my ex tries to win me back and he ( the ex ) gets mad with me and tells me to stop talking about him because my bf confronts him. But anyways we had stopped dating for about a week last month because he said he realized he was in love with his ex. It only lasted for 5 days and a few days after that he came back saying he fucked up that I’m the one for him and she cheated on him multiple times. My ex is saying that he’s a complete liar and he was cheating on me with his ex the whole time and he’s using me. I’ve never done anything sexual with my boyfriend, I have my ex though. I feel as if my ex is lying because he wants me back but I also feels like he could potentially be telling the truth, seeing as my boyfriend has been acting suspect lately, he doesn’t show me off anymore and we don’t text as much. The reason why my relative is also saying he’s a cheater is because my ex is and they’re good friends and apparently he showed her proof. He said he’s going to catch him in school tomorrow and show me but we’ll see about that.

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