Giving birth

Sarah • 👼🏼+👼🏼+👼🏼2018. Another lost 23 April 2019

Ladies, especially the ones in countries that favour this. Please know that laying flat on your back with legs in stirrups is not a natural way of giving birth!

Please know - it’s more painful! It’s harder work! It can take longer to push the baby out! It’s physically going against the anatomy of your body and what it’s designed to do to give birth!

Please know - your birth might be quicker! Less painful! Require less intervention! And less drugs! If you are active during labour!

That means - walk around! Get on a birth ball or a stool! In the tub or shower! Birth on your knees! If you want to lay down, lay on your side; but note that laying down will slow things down.

It distresses me so much that women have such an horrendous time giving birth; long labour’s and need huge amounts of drugs just to deal with it!!!

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You can actually have a good birth. Sure it’s going to hurt and be hard work; but it doesn’t have to be awful.