Sorry, one more poll!


A lot of you on the other poll loved Sophia and I do too. Just wanted to throw this out there though, Olivia is my Great Aunt’s name, she is a very sweet, Christian lady in her 90’s who still writes me letters and wishes us happy birthday with a card each year. I’ve never met her though, so it’s not like I grew up being with her during holidays and such. Still more of a sentimental name, but it’s not like I have my heart set on naming any of my children after someone. I know this is of course a decision that my husband and I are going to make regardless of what this poll says or what the comments say, but I appreciate all you ladies and your help and encouragement! ❤️ Any thoughts and suggestions are so helpful and of course I’m looking at all the votes and thinking about EVERYTHING with naming my first daughter. I just want it to be perfect! 🥰

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