?? Pregnancy after Ectopic??

Had Ectopic pregnancy and lost my right tube. It's been 3 weeks on Sunday since my surgery. I had my 2 week checkup on Tuesday and he said everything looked good. I told him that I have been sexually active since 1 week after my surgery, so he had me take a PT, and it came back negative. Last Saturday I had what felt like AF cramps just on my left side, which is the side I still have a tube on. AF never came, but I'm feeling like I'm pregnant again. I haven't been nauseous since my loss until a few days ago. My breasts keep aching and I feel tingling in them. I have a constant headache and my fiance dips and it has never bothered me before and now the smell is making me nauseous. I never have indigestion, but I did a few weeks ago when I was pregnant, since the loss it went away, but is now back. Has anyone else gotten pregnant so soon after ectopic?