Ladies... let's educate ourselves first!


I've been a member of Glow for a couple months, but TTC for over 2 years. DH and I have fertility issues, and are hopeful to conceive on our own :)

I guess because we have dealt with fertilty issues, I am aware of what a positive LH or HCG should look like (despite never getting my own BFP, to date)... it is sooooo frustrating to see constant posts about ppl asking if an obvious positive is in fact a positive!!! Let's educate ourselves about our cycles and testing BEFORE even TTC. We read about taking prenatal vitamins, what positions are best for conceiving, etc... but neglect other important information.

For so many of us, our dream to bear children, and in deciding to do so, we are holding ourselves to a higher standard. One that is more than capable to carry, birth and raise a child. Let's first educate ourselves in all areas of child rearing. Ignorance is not bliss...