I think I've decided to leave my husband.

How do I initiate a divorce? We've only been married for less than a year but I feel it's not working out. I have tried and tried to live up to his standards. I find it unfair he can have female "friends" on the Internet and I'm not allowed to have male friends on the Internet. Sounds a little immature to me. He can go out with his friends every Saturday and get completely wasted. Yet, I can't have 1 glass of wine with my sister-in-law. He can sit at his friends house after work and drink Tequila but I can't take our child to my family's house for a visit. How is that fair? Basically, everything he does, I can't do. He hides his phone all the time, I've accused him of cheating more than once and he informs me everytime that he hasn't cheated... Yet. Out marriage is not working out because he doesn't communicate anymore, it's work shower, out with the guys. My sister-in-law lives two blocks from me and I can't go over and visit her. That's not fair, that's controlling. I don't want a marriage where my husband wants to control everything, I want a marriage where we can agree on something's. I'm fed up with the fact he can do what he wants and I'm not allowed to. He needs to grow up and realize he has a family and if he doesn't quit, I'm going to take our child and leave. It's what's best right? We have a child together and I keep thinking of our child, should I pretend everything is okay and accept it as is for my child's sake? Or should I just be truthful to myself and say "there's no way."? I've made my decision but I'm afraid of how he will react. He is verbally abusive and controlling so maybe I should pack my stuff while he's working and leave my child with my mother while I go and tell him "I want a divorce." And in case he should try anything, physical abuse or locking me in, I think I should arrange a backup plan and have my sister and brother-in-law wait outside. 
Why do you think? Will it work? Is it right giving up on my marriage? It just feels like there's no fixing it. And I give up trying. Do you honestly think I'm doing the right thing? I've known him for 8 years, dated him for 4 years, married to him less than 9 months. I just feel he's not ready for a marriage. And I'm done trying.