Omg I feel I’m dying

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Ok so I posted yesterday about how I haven’t pooped in 2 weeks and I’m scared cause I’m 7 weeks pregnant and been bleeding for 3 weeks. I called my ob nurse multiple times yesterday just went to voicemail so I left multiple messages the never returned my call I went to my primary they told me they couldn’t help me and sent me home went to the er waited 4-5 hours never even had my vitals taken so I left came home took a second stool softener and drank mirelax. Nothing then woke up in pain cause the blockage moved but now it’s right by my ovaries and stuff where it’s majorly sore (I know it’s not exactly there I’m just referencing) it feels like I’m gonna tare open I don’t know what to do it won’t budge! 😵 I can’t take a laxative cause I’m in stricken pelvic rest where I can’t even have an orgasem cause that cause you to contract so do laxatives I’m at a loss I’m in so much pain I just can’t right now and I know I need more fluids and a high fiber diet but that’s after the blockage has came out 😭😭😭 for the love of god please someone has anyone had this happen and how did you safely get it out