What would you do?

If you live with someone who is your boyfriend, for 5 years, you have a 2 year old and yet you both struggle financially so bad that you've taken loans you can't repay... Always in debt or broke as soon as we get paid. Its brought so much doubt and depression to our relationship. And nothing is changing.. I see everyone on here taking trips and seem to be very well off.. And I am here... Struggling to buy milk and shit... With 2 person household. We bring in about 3000 a month. He has a failing business he keeps spending money on.. Labor materials... If he goes to a 9-5 child suppourt will clear his checks. We will only have my income. I work a 11hr job.

This is just so depressing.. I am trying to hold on. I love him but I am putting myself in so much debt trying to keep our family above water.

We've spoken about it ans he always try to say it'll get better.. But I am sick of struggling.. I go to school work and I am a mom. I'm tired.... I need help...