Stressing hardcore.


I am stressing out to the max and just need to vent. We got our taxes taken by the government because my husband has student loans in default even though we've been paying on them since last July. That was $2,500 we planned on saving thats gone. I just got a pretty hefty bonus at work that I was super happy about and put it all in savings. Well now we have bats in our attic. And we aren't sure how many. But they have been there for a while. I started Googling how much it'll cost to remove them and it can be upwards of $3k-$8k depending on how much damage they've done and if its a colony 😭 that's like all our savings.

Not to mention we are STILL paying off our roof from our old house we just sold last year because it had mold in the attic. I feel like our problems just followed us to the new house. I'm sure it'll all be fine and I shouldn't stress until I find out how much it'll cost but I'm having flash backs to the mold in our attic which cost $6k. Why does this crap happen at the worst times?!