Meet Ernie!

Our little man Ernest (or Ernie as we are calling him) arrived at 36 weeks 1 day on August 28th! He was 5 pounds and 9 ounces.
 My water broke at 11pm on the 27th, contractions started around 3am, and by 8am they were 4 minutes apart! We had planned to have him at a birth center, but given that he was so early, we decided to go to the hospital in case he had any emergent needs. By the time we got to Providence hospital at 10am, I was 10cm with a small lip! He was born at 1:20pm. It was insane and really intense, but incredible. 
We had to spend a couple of extra days with him in the NICU under the bililamps to help bring his jaundice down. It was really hard to be there with him, but the NICU nurses and doctors were amazing. 
He is doing really well now. His jaundice is completely gone, and at his two week check up, he had surpassed his birth weight. He is nursing like a champ. Which is huge, because we had a really hard time getting a good latch and getting him enough nourishment when he was under the lamps.
Aaaand, my favorite picture on him looking like Popeye. 😂