OPK Newbie

So this is my 1st time using an OPK, and I could really use your guys help!
This is my first month off birth control, so my cycle is way out of whack and I have no idea where I'm at. Af was supposed to show 2 weeks ago, still hasn't, and a lot of BFNs have been received since then. Im content with that, it's just driving me crazy not knowing where I'm at in my cycle. 
This morning was the 2nd day I woke up with very egg-white cm, as well as my cervix being high, open, soft, wet. But my cm is still pretty cloudy in color. So I thought I would take a test to see if I'm ovulating. 
I understand that with these tests, the text line needs to be the same color/darker than the control line. My question is, since there is a slight faint line in the test line, is that a complete negative and that faint line will always show up, or does it mean that I'm not ovulation quite yet, but I will be soon?? Please help!!