Need some advice!

Okay, wasnt sure where to post this and I feel like CC always gets people's honest opinions!

Okay so I live in a very small town,

And seriously everyone has dated everyone!

(I'm not someone who dates a lot of people, I've dated 2 people)

Anyway there was the 'big' relationship in my town between lets call call her Samantha and his Rick.

Okay, So!

Samantha and Rick dated for a year,

Sam cheated on him many, many times!

They broke up and thats when I met sam.

(Mind you, I had heard all about there relationship.. curse of a small town)

So, I met Sam about a year after they dated and she talked a lot of shit about him.

Sam is known as a whore in my town

(I never thought so, because really its not my business and I don't care what anyone does; its not my life ) because of this she didn't have many friends, at all..

(My town is very, very judgmental)

And her and I hung out once or twice and got a long!

(Okay so here is where I messed up)

I had a friend that was friends with Rick,

So I hung out with them both.

Unfortunately, I fell for Rick and he fell for me.

We ended up dating for a while, and as you'd expect Sam and I have had a problem ever since.


since then she has had a baby, and I'm pregnant to the love of my life, so I expected we'd both grown up?

But unfortunately she has so, so much spite towards me. :(

I know dating Rick was not the right thing to do, but.. ugh, I don't know.

But I really want to fix it with her, because she is still really lonely.. and honestly, so am I and I miss her.

Please, does anyone know any advice?

How do I even start to fix this? Its been going on for too long.

I believe in karma now, and I want to bring some positive light to this. :(

I Feel so bad, its been so long and I still feel like crap..