Totally annoyed

Adrian • Due March 23, 2016
So I'm trying to get my boyfriend on board with the name Anastasia (ana-staw-see-ah) and he doesn't like it. I really love old and traditional names and I just think Anastasia Rose sounds so nice and elegant. Well boyfriend doesn't care for it but at this point, I don't care if he doesn't like the name. Every single name I have in mind for a girl he turns down and then when I ask him what he wants to name her "uhhh I don't know. Just not that name" well little shit. I'm getting tired of you turning down my names when you don't have any ideas. Anyway. We went to my MIL's house and he told her the name😑 she started making stupid faces and gagging noises. Bitch you are 40 years old. Grow the fuck up. It's not like I want to name her Gertrude or La'quanafan'isha. It's a nice name. I'm not going to be like her and give my kids generic,basic bitch, popular names. She had the chance to name her kids and it's not her turn anymore. She chose Maria for her girl name. It's a nice name but it's pretty popular and not very unique. Her other grand daughters are named Bryanna and Chanel. Again, they are nice names but bryanna is pretty popular and basic. Chanel... I'm just not the type to name my kids after brands.(which was the intention that the mother had when she named her) She didn't have a problem when her daughter naming her daughters bryanna and chanel. So I would like the same respect with my name that her daughter and every other daughter in law got. I don't need those unnecessary faces with your gagging, sickened noises.