Working full time with two kids


Curious to find out how many parents out there work full time and manage life at home with two kids. My kids are 7 and 20 months. My husband works and does school part time and comes home as early as 8pm but average is 9-10pm. I come home at 6pm. I’m trying to find something that works because right now, I’m on the verge of having a mental breakdown (bad thoughts in my head). I try to get all groceries done during The Weekend so I can come straight home after work but sometimes I need to stop by which gets me home at a later time. Once I’m home, I need to eat/make dinner (if no dinner is ready) or I’ll make a light meal for kids to eat (like sandwiches or whatever I have ready in the fridge). Next comes homework with my older son, who is in 2nd grade and needs a lot of extra help. He has issues with concentration and attention so doing homework with him takes hours (we finish a little after 8 and that’s just doing the bare minimum with no extra problems and no reading time, he also starts off doing the homework with his grandmother during the day ). The most challenging part about homework is the fact that my 20 month old is attached to my hip and will whine and cry for me to pay attention to her. It’s very distracting for anyone trying to focus on HW, but for someone who already has attention issues, it’s suicide. This is the case everyday. By the time they are in bed, it’s 9:15-9:30 for my son and it varies for my daughter (anywhere from 9:15-10pm) after that I still have to clean up and prep for the next day which means trying to squeeze everything in a 20 min window bec my daughter wakes frequently. Once I’m in bed with her I pass out even tho I try my hardest not to (like by watching Netflix). Weekends are also hard. We’ve got laundry, house cleaning (dusting vacuuming and wash floors) taking our son to polish school then soccer and Sunday doing groceries, church, spending time with family and dinner.

My husband and I are not on the same page because he says everyone else is in the same boat so here I am. I’d like to hear how everyone else does it, maybe I’m doing something wrong.

And thanks for reading if you got this far.


One exhausted mama.