I need your thoughts on this

 *disclaimer* this is a very very long post
He has straight up told me that he wants to have sex with me and I told him that I'm not the casual sex scene kind of girl and that that wasn't going to happen. He continued to talk to me. He has called me babe and had acted like he likes me.... Why else would he continue to talk to me if When he knew I wasn't going to give him sex. And he kept bring up the whole sex scene and I finally told him that I am a virgin and I didn't want my first time to be just a hook up and he did that he completely understood that and he told me to forget that anything ever happened and I told him that I love the relationship that we have and I didn't want it to change. He said it wouldn't and it didn't we were still talking the next morning and then this past Sunday is when that something happened and don't judge because I know what I did was a moment of weakness and I know it was wrong but for some odd reason I don't feel as bad about it as I know I should be. In his defense I did provoke him. I was in bed and almost not completely naked because I felt constricted in my shirt and of course he noticed. (This is all over snapchat by the way) and he said hey naked. Well a few snaps later and he sent me a picture of his package...😳  and then later expected me to send him a picture of my boobs in which the only thing I sent was cleavage and you couldn't see anything and I sent him something sort of bitchy and then he stopped responding and I think he's embarrassed because he revealed himself and I didn't do it back. And we didn't talk Monday. Tuesday I told him that I was sorry and that Sunday was a moment of weakness and it shouldn't of happened and he said it was fine and not to worry about it. We talked a little bit after that and then nothing. Well we gotten things straightened out and continued to talk to each other. Everything was good. This was at the end of June. He continued to send me pics of his package every once in a while but not regularly. And another little rid bit of info from this summer I was at a get together with friends at one of my friends apartment and they invited some guys that they had met a couple days before and one of the guys that came over was a friend but didn't live in the apartment complex he was from their hometown well he and I made out half the night and went off and did our own thing..... Well the next day alex was talking to me and asked what was on my neck ( it was a hickey 😬🙈) and I told him the truth I wasn't going to lie to him and I told him that I made out with someone and he didn't talk to me for a week and a half. I asked him if he got jealous and he said no but actions speak a lot louder than words. Once again no judgements..... Moment of weakness.... Yeah I know.... Just he lead me on. Talked to me for 10 days straight before I left for school (which is 5 hours away) and the first couple days I was there. Said 2 separate times that he would come see me. And told me that he wanted me (which still don't know what to make of that) And I finally trusted him enough that I sent him the boob pic he had patiently waited for and I told him that I really didn't want to give blowjobs to him or anyone else I dated and then he ran. And I told him that I shouldn't have completely shut of the idea of oral sex in general in the first place bc I honestly don't know what I will be up to doing in the heat of the moment and I told him I just get uncertain sometimes bc I've never had a relationship like this before. And he said we are friends we don't have a relationship. And I said I know that we are friends when I say relationship I don't mean in a relationship I mean the interactions between us I understand that we are not in a relationship. And then he never responded after that and I sent him something Wednesday asking if everything was ok between us... Never responded so I've stopped. And a girl I worked with at the zoo texted me on my way home saying she had just gotten done making out with said guy when he came to the zoo to pick up his check so he has made it loud and clear that he is over me and doesn't want me in his life. The questions I have were we talking and more than friends even though we never hung out outside of work or were we just friends like he said. Do you think he actually liked me or he was just wanting in my pants the entire time. Do you think why he has pulled back and became MIA is because he has started to develop feelings and he doesn't want to get attached or more attached than he was because I go to school 5 hours away? And I'm afraid of what is going to happened if he tries to talk to me again because I will tell him that what he did was not ok and if he has any inkling of doing it again then to say goodbye now and I'm so afraid he will walk away. I miss him so much and I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. He was the first person that I have been my complete self with right off the bat quirks and all. Sorry this is so long but I just need advice with this.