Dilation issues?

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Has anyone had issues with dilation during delivery?

I had issues around a year ago with my cervix not wanting to dilate. When I had my mirena removed as well as when I had a d and c procedure.

I was 75% effaced over two weeks ago with no dilation. I am worried this will also be an issue when I go to deliver the baby.

Is there anything that can be done to help my cervix dilate so I can have a natural birth? Or am I doomed to be induced with meds? Is it possible I will require a c section because I won't dilate?

We've also been having sex at least once a day (seeing how it will be a while before We can have sex once the baby is born). And the cervix was extremely soft at my last appointment as well, but I just won't dilate.

I am going to ask these questions at my next appointment on Friday, but I am curious if anyone has any experience on the matter.