Measurements - just need reassurance.

LauraK • 🇬🇧 Mom of beauty, expecting #2, standing on tip toes to find balance in family, parenting, career.

Hello ladies. I just need reassurance and some of your experiences.

Basically I'm due to have second daughter on Monday, 8th April.

My first came exactly predicted date 2,8kg (around bit over 5lbs if I am correct to convert).

For this one, have been having growth scans since week 17 onwards every 3-4weeks. Since week 20 she always is measuring 2-3weeks ahead.

So at week 34 scan she was measuring 3,2kg (6,4lbs?) already. They predict she would be around 4,5kg (9lbs) when born if carried full term.

What slightly worries me is that her tummy and fermur bone measurements are those ahead, while head measurement is practically not ahead of time at all.

So I am slightly confused, worried and so on, due her being on bigger side...

All I would like is just you ladies to tell it me it will be fine, nothing to worry about :|