Hey, my name is shydeejah but everyone calls me shy, the past few days I've been really thinking about where I am in my life and where I should be. (Please don't judge me.) I guess I should start from the beginning. .. my junior year in high school, going into Christmas break, my mom and her boyfriend were clashing a lot. We lived in Georgia at the time, and after New year's hit my mom decided to pack up and move back to my home state, New York. My mom, younger sister and I got on a bus and went to stay with some relatives for a few weeks. Mind you we were still on break, my sister and I were doing well in school. A few weeks turned into 3 months and we were in New York January 3rd until March 10th. The whole time neither of us were in school. My sister was still in middle school and they had 8 classes a day so she didn't really lose any progress and was able to go back to school. Mean while we were going into spring semester and I was far behind the rest of my class and couldn't get back into school. The assistant principal suggested an online charter school for me to catch up, which I did. Going into my senior year 2013-2014 my mom asked if I wanted to stay in the charter school or go back to normal school, and to make things easier on her I decided to do half and half. That did NOT work out for me. I fell way behind And didn't graduate on time. And still haven't. I feel like I've wasted so much time, and I lost my motivation for school. I've been thinking about changing the way my life is. I had a job And lost it because people clone to me were being untruthful, I loved working. And I haven't been able to find another job. I've been in 4 relationships since my 11th grade year and I feel like that is also impacting the way I'm thinking. I argued with my bet friend last night and I poured my heart out to her and I was crying... I want to do better and I need guidance.. help me someone. ( this isn't the whole story, I just tried to summarize as much as possible) I've been feeling lost and depressed a lot.lately