Vaccinations for family not bubs


Im just wondering i dk how it works over the rest of the world but in aus, i have to have my whooping cough and flu vaccinations again while pregnant (its is very strongly adviced that you do). And they advice that anyone that is goin to be around bub n i n the first few months has their vaccinations updated to, now i thought my partner and i were on the same page.

Ive told my fambam that no vacc not visit till bubs has first lot done, and mention to him best we tell his fam the same shortly coz we at the halfway mark now, to only be told ohh we did have to do that for his brothers kids which the oldest is 5 or 6 the youngest is 2.

Im gobsmacked, i honestly throught we were in this together, i feel alone as fuck right now. I mean ive told my own sister who refuses to get hers done that im sorry but u cant be around then. But i said thats ur choice u choose not to get them im choosing to not allow u near our baby.

How do i deal with this?? What do i do?? My family understand, will his?? Its my lil one thats made it i dont want anything to happen.

Sorry for the essay haha