I need to figure out who i am


Hey everyone, (this is quite personal)

Since I was little, I've never has any strong friendships.

I just thought as a kid, that I wasn't fun to play with. Fair Enough.

Moving when I was in grade 4 I had to make new friends in a new town, I tried and made the wrong friends, they constantly bullied me and excluded me from alot of things. And growing up I haven't been able to connect to other people as well.

Through high school, I was a loner and a floater, there wasn't a single person or group who I could connect with. And I still don't understand why.

I always thought it was me, they just didn't like me.

I have always felt lonely. And depressed.

For the past two years I've been with my boyfriend (who is my best friend) and it's been fabulous, ups and downs but we get through it.

Now I feel I don't really know who I am because I have been so exclusively involved in one person.

My boyfriend has been telling me I need my own life.

What I'm asking is how to make friends at an adult age?

What hobbies are fun to do?

And how to find who you are without your partner...

In my therapy session the other day my psychologist ask me who I am and what I enjoy...When I think about who I am..I have no idea

I just cried and cried 😣

I really need some advise 💓