I can finally share my story


My precious baby boy has finally arrived.

Monday 4/1 was my due date I had gone into urgent care for a rash that I had developed and wanted to get taken care of since I knew I was going to have my baby soon. They gave me a cream that I was to put on at night and wash off in the morning. So I took a nice shower and then put this cream before I went to bed, the whole time thinking it would be just my luck to have my water break tonight. Went to bed got up a couple times during the night nothing happened. I was laying in bed half sleeping half awake and all of a sudden I feel like I peed myself. So I got up and went to the bathroom. Well my underwear were wet but it wasn't a whole lot so I thought maybe I really did just pee myself. I changed put on a pad and went and sat on my bed. I was just playing on my phone when the gush happened. My water broke at 4:30am on 4/2. I hoped into the shower so I coyld wash that cream off and clean up a bit. I woke up my boyfriend and said it was time to go. We didn't feel a need to rush since this was my first and figured it would take all day before I evem had the baby. I could labor and delivery and told them I was coming in. We arrived at about 6am and got to the room and all checked in. This whole time I was having contractions but nothing I couldn't handle. Well almost as soon as I got to my room and changed into the gown they got worse. I was still able to manage the pain and breath through it but they were bad. At one point the baby's heart rate dropped down to 70 so they put me on oxygen and from then on all I did was panic. Every contraction I panicked more and would almost stop breathing. My plan was to not get an epidural but I knew that I had to because all I was doing was panicking and that if I couldn't get it under control something bad was going to happen. So I asked for it. When I finally got it, it didn't even work. One side didn't work at all and the other side only half worked. Well it turns out I could have gone without it. By the time I got it I was already 9cm dialated. And then the scariest thing happened. They couldn't find his heart rate. They had me turn to one side then the other they even had me get on all fours. My doctor came running in and checked me. I was finally at a 10 and ready to push. I pushed for about 45 minutes and my beautiful baby boy arrived.

Christian Joseph Keith was born on 4/2 at 10:06am, 8lbs11oz and 21in long. He is the light of my life💙💙