Loved giving birth.. Worst post delivery experience ever

Laura • 1st baby September 2015 🎉✨🍼
Here he is! My sweet little Dominic, born 9/12 @ 9:48am. 7lb 8oz 20 inches long. I was induced Friday for cholestasis and had to get an epidural around 4am. I pushed for 24 minutes!!! It was amazing, the labor experience was incredible- best doctors, nurses -and of course, husband. Well, about 4 hours after birth I had the "worst headache of my life" and my blood pressure skyrocketed. I had to get IV medication to bring down my BP and had IV medication for the headache which made me hallucinate! I actually was telling people that I was the "hamburglar". Ha. Well, after this happened they had to start me on magnesium IV fearing I would have a seizure. This made my
Kidneys stop working and I was transferred to the ICU. It was horrible and terrifying- I just was a mess.
My legs are swollen and so are my hands. Blood pressure is still high but I was discharged home. Labor was the best experience of my life, post pregnancy was a nightmare.