Ultrasound question

I know this may be stupid but this is my first baby, I am going to my appt next week after just switching doctors closer to where I live. My old doctor was giving me ultrasounds every appt and I had an appt every month. My insurance allows me to get an ultrasound every month and so now that i’ve switched doctors and its been over a month I’m hoping to get an ultrasound and I know obviously you guys don’t know if I’ll get one but can they deny me an ultrasound or choose not to give me one just because? I just want pictures of my baby, My other doctor never gave me any pictures and I just want one great picture to show off! I mean they gave me maybe 5 total but 2 were the same picture saying “its a girl” for 2 months straight. I guess my main question or concern is can I make them give me an ultrasound since my insurance allows it or can they deny me just because?!