Endometreosis ??? Anyone

Margaret • Our son is 4 and I was diagnosed 1 1/2 ago I had endometreoisis and now were finally pregnant :) can't be anymore happy
I have uteral endometreosis It's located on my pee tracks so they couldn't burn nothing and suggested cause we both want another baby that we do so now I had my 1st one naturally and fine a few complacations but nothing bad we have been trying for 6 months now and I believe when I ovulate I have some light cramping and I'm very wet with a white cloudy cm does anyone know how to speed the process up the pain is getting worse where I can't even keep a job and I end up in the er cuz the pain gets that bad and now they are saying if had a kidney stone and it never passed and I'm not in pain for that anymore not sure wut I should do I feel like a failure to my son who wants a sibling and my husband who wants another child I've been fighting with myself blaming myself for being broken and I'm on medicine to help with my feelings what should I do give up or keep trying