Feel dumb.

Soo I’m currently pregnant with my 2nd. I had a horrible labor experience with my first. Literally. Labored for 5 days. Got sent back home multiple times. Water broke never noticed. High blood pressure. Hunger. Fever.

I had 2 friends that were pregnant. They recently gave birth 2 weeks ago. And their labor was the easiest !

They would always ask my experience of course I told them what I went through.

And I feel like they think I exaggerated and probably think I’m such a weak sauce.

Like they think I was probably trying to scare them. They both tell me they’re ready for the next one.

Mind you I waited 3 years for the 2nd due to latching problems. Having to exclusively pump. Went back to work full time when my son was 1 month a half. It was tough. !

Is this just me ??? Am I over reacting ???