So this is the last photo I will have of my twins..

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I started spotting a few days ago and I went to the ER last night. I posted in the general pregnancy group asking if I should go for peace of mind and everyone on there was extremely rude saying “please save the ER for actual emergencies. Spotting is normal” etc. I’m glad I ended up going anyways because my babies stopped growing in me 4 weeks ago. The hospital offered to admit me so I could have a D&C that night. I said no I just wanted to go home. They said maybe I would pass them on my own. I’m still just having light spotting but now also some cramping. I’m supposed to call my OB Monday morning so we can discuss when she’s going to do the D&C. ASAP I’m guessing. I’m just so lost right now..

This is the last photo I will have of them. And neither of them are even alive in it 😓 I could tell they were too small to be almost 13 weeks. I also saw when she zoomed in on their chest and there was nothing. Not even a flicker. I prayed for these babies. They were loved and they were wanted. And they will be missed. 💔👼🏻👼🏻💔