Am I okay ??

Had sex TWICE IN a day after my period . It was PROTECTED for BOTH times , and he only came once the first time, and he DID NOT CUM INSIDE ME. And I also put water in both of the condoms to check if there were any leaks AFTER intercourse and there were NO LEAKS in EITHER OF THEM. He pulled out both of the times even tho he didn’t cum the second time . My period is suppose to start in two days , the symptoms I have right now are sore breasts, cramps , bloating , feeling sick a little , headache, watery creamy white discharge . Should I be fine ?? I’m not trying to be pregnant . Yes IKNOW if u don’t wanna get pregnant then don’t have sex I get that but please help . (No RUDE COMMENTS PLEASE. My boyfriend and friends says I should I be fine but I’m so paranoid